About us

We are just like you -- we care more.

Running for office is hard work – the outdated software that runs campaigns makes it even harder. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why we built Numero, a modern fundraising platform and donor database that Democratic elected officials and candidates at all levels of public office can use to manage the $24 billion in contributions to political campaigns.Numero is built differently -- from the ground up. It has to be, it was founded by one of the top fundraising Congressional candidates of 2018, a Democratic CTO, and CFO who built their own software during their campaign because they found NGP 8 to be slow, poorly designed and supported, and was actively hurting their fundraising numbers.

We switched off of NGP 8 to use our own software and raised more than almost every challenger in the country.

Unlike other Democratic fundraising platforms:

  • Our developers are Americans -- not outsourced to India;
  • Our investors are as diverse as our country -- we are not funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Sovereign Wealth Fund;
  • We care about our customers, that's why we respond in less than 60 minutes on average -- unlike our competitors who take weeks to get back to you.

Since our founding, we've served over 1,000 campaigns and more than 8,000 staff at every level from city council to President of the United States and they've collectively raised more than $2 billion in contributions.

Better software saves you time and raises your campaign more money. If you want more time to do work that matters, and more money to win your raise, give Numero a look (book a demo) -- 8,000 campaign staff can't be wrong :)

You’re not just buying software

You’re adding a 14-person team with 70 years of campaign experience
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Software Engineer
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Chief of Staff
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Lead Software Engineer
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Software Engineer
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Customer Success Manager
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Customer Success Manager
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Customer Success Manager
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Director of Engineering
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Senior Software Engineer
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Director of Customer Success
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