8 New Numero Features to Help Your Team: Soft Credits, Hard C’or’e Filtering, Re-attributions and more!

Or Filter

Team Numero has launched 8 new features to help your team raise more money this cycle. 

Check them out and send us a note at [email protected] to let us know which new feature is your favorite and what else you’d love to have in your campaign fundraising donor database!

And to give you a sneak peek into our process for selecting new features to build, every week we:

  • Review every product suggestion you’ve sent us;
  • Rank those features by the number of people who’ve requested them, and then;
  • Rank those features by engineering muscles 🦾🦾🦾 needed. (Seriously, engineering actually has a 5-point robotic bicep scoring system 🤖💜)

We hope you enjoy these new features – we had a lot of fun programming them for you.

Soft Credits

Soft Credits 1

Ever want to give credit for a contribution to multiple people? Now you can!

Numero Plus and Pro users can now easily give credit to one or multiple contacts for a single contribution that came from someone else, like bundlers or event hosts. Sharing is caring, and now you can share credit for contributions amongst multiple people. One thing that will never change though, is how digital will always try to claim credit for your call time contributions 🤨

Hard C’or’e Filtering

Or Filter

This was a 5 🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾 according to engineering so… please clap. You now have ‘or’ filters, which unlock your most complex filtering. Find last year’s donors in specific regions by adding ‘or’ + ‘and’ statements to your search queries. Yes, you can now finally add a query for “Des Moines OR Duluth.”

Contribution Re-attribution 

Re attribution

Keep it in the family. You can now split up a single contribution across multiple contacts, or re-attribute existing contributions from one spouse to another, all in a couple of clicks. Finance team 🤝🏽compliance team.

Bulk Edits

Gone are the days of having to edit single records. Now you have greater control of your contacts and interactions when you bulk edit Ask Amounts, Ask Notes, and Contact Codes for multiple contacts at once.

Discover Your Most Engaged Donors

Who do you talk to most? Well, now you can find out when you filter your contacts tab by the number of interactions, contributions, or pledges. Bam! Done! Instant visibility to see your most important people.

Rapid Refunds

You can now initiate a refund without our approval in about the time it takes to read this sentence.

Granular Geotargeting

Addresses are critical for figuring out who you should invite to a campaign fundraising event. And the distance someone is willing in one city is totally different in another city. That’s why we build more granular geotargeting.

For example, you can filter for contacts who live in the city of New York with an address type of Home, or you can filter to see contacts within 5 miles of the area code 90210. You can also choose multiple Zips or Cities. If you choose multiple zips or cities in the dropdown, it will show all contacts who match any of the zip//city options you choose.

Automated Report Exports

Can’t get enough of Numero reports in your browser? Now we’re in your inbox! Get your weekly calltime report or contribution summaries automatically in your inbox. Boom!

—Is there a feature or product suggestion you’ve been dreaming about? Send us a note at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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