How Arizona Democrats Are Meeting This Moment For Abortion Rights

Everything changed last Monday night and state caucuses are stepping up. Arizona sits at the center of this issue. They are one of the states with trigger laws that restrict abortion if Roe is overturned.

So we interviewed Senate Minority Leader Rebecca Rios about the stakes and how Arizona Democrats and our client, the ADLCC, are meeting this moment:

Numero: Arizona has a lot at stake during these midterm elections. How will this decision affect Arizona if you don’t flip the legislature?

Leader Rios: After the news leak this week from the Supreme Court – the stakes of this election in Arizona just got that much more critical. Should Roe fall, countless people seeking abortions won’t be able to choose the best path forward for themselves and their families.

Our state legislature has the power to further restrict access to abortion here in the state. In this session alone, we have passed and signed into law a 15-week abortion ban, which was made possible by the slimmest of margins in both our State House and State Senate. Today, we are one seat away in each chamber from tying the legislature, and if we are successful, we can prevent further attacks on reproductive rights. 

Numero: How does this news change the conversation leading up to the midterm elections?

Leader Rios: This news is a direct call to action. The issue of reproductive rights is front and center in the minds of voters right now as Roe vs. Wade is being threatened before our very eyes. As Republicans prepare to chip away at Roe v. Wade, Democrats must stand firmly against any attack on restricting access to care.

Numero: What can folks do to help?

Leader Rios: Right now in Arizona, we are the closest to delivering a majority for AZ Democrats since 1966 and despite the closest legislative margins in a generation, Arizona is ground zero for a radicalized GOP. That means we need all the help we can get from folks who are looking to protect reproductive rights by flipping the state legislature. The most effective action items you can take are volunteering, donating, and voting in your down-ballot elections that will have a direct impact on abortion access in your state.

We want to close out by reminding you that what you do matters. Numero is proud to stand by and support every candidate, campaign staffer, consultant, and others working to ensure reproductive justice. 

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